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Positively Life After Fifty

Life after 50 can be an exciting journey! But when the path becomes too difficult, relax and get back on track with these inspiring stories of hope and health.

Living with chronic illness from a young age has taught me to look for the positive, to be grateful, and to live in the moment. My goal is to help you find that same joy and peace in your life.

You'll see that age & abilities don't have to matter; you can find the courage to create new dreams, believe & achieve!

This podcast is not for medical treatment or diagnosis.

Jun 15, 2013

The Right Career Fit; Take the 40 Day Pledge
Changing Careers in Mid Life
(This is an edited and updated version of a popular episode)
Thinking about a new career? Which one is the right fit for your special personality? Which ones won’t pay the bills?
Today on Positively Life After Fifty we'll look at which college degrees may not be the best investment, then you'll hear what the 12 work personalities are and how you can find out what yours may be. What's mine? Listen to find out!
You'll hear the moving story of a man who found a new career after a devastating blow, but then made a compelling video encouraging others in mid life to never give up on their dreams.
Finally, I'll tell you about the 40 Day Pledge that helps each of us become more organized with the most precious of all our documents, and helps us to make the decisions that will aid you and your family in the case of an emergency.
The following links are mentioned in the show:
Here's the link to the article naming which college degrees don't have a lot of bang for your buck:
Eight College Degrees With the Worst Return on Investment
Click on this link to take the test to see which of the 12 work personalilties you may favor:
The Career Archetype Test 12 Work Personalities
Then you'll hear the inspirational story of Erv, and how he took a major turn at the crossroads of life. You can view his video here:
The Inspiring Story that Erv has to Share
I also tell you about the 40 Day Pledge I just signed at Decide, Create, Share, and why I think everyone needs to check it out. You can download your very own copy here:
Decide, Create, Share Booklet
You can see more by visiting website, Positively Life After Fifty
Quote mentioned at the end of the podcast:
Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.  -Earl Nightingale
Thank you for listening!