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Positively Life After Fifty

Jun 12, 2013

Welcome to an informative, inspiring series for those of us in our forties, fifties and beyond. In this episode, you will meet the host and then look at insights regarding the choices and challenges we are met with at this age. The two points discussed are: “The only guarantee in life is change, how you respond to it is your choice.” and “Find unusual ways to stay positive – like going OUTSIDE your comfort zone.”
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. ~Abraham Lincoln
“have a purpose — your family, your work, your community. There may be no better longevity booster than simply wanting to be here. You have one life; it makes sense to love living it.” Dr. Mehmet Oz
Links mentioned in the show:
Changing Course: Navigating Life After Fifty      book by William A. Sadler, Ph.D. and James H. Krefft, Ph.D.
MSNBC anchor Dylan Ratigan gives up fame and fortune to become a farmer     Mother Nature Network article on Dylan Ratigan
Living Long and Living Well         Dr.   Mehmet Oz's Article